Fibre Glass Wool
We provide high-quality fibreglass glass wool to cater to the demands of underdeck insulation, partitions, cavity walls, etc. This is available in sturdy yet flexible designs to withstand temperatures ranging from -195 °C to 230 °C.
Acoustic Insulation Material
We offer high-grade acoustic insulation material for insulating unwanted noise by blocking the passage of sound from the outside. Its unmatched resilience ensures isolation and dampens vibration. It is a durable and flexible product that can be fitted to walls, floors, and ceilings.
Nitrile Rubber Sheets and Tubes
Nitrile Rubber Sheets and Tubes are synthetic rubber compounds that provide excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and chemicals. They are widely used in different sectors, such as oil, fuel, gaskets, oil tank floating blankets, etc., as they can resist the effects of industrial chemicals.
LRB Mattresses
These durable and reliable LRB mattresses are available in lightly resin-bonded mineral fibres and stainless steel wire netting. They are provided in flexible material with firm structure and a non-combustible design in nature. We can provide these products in varied thicknesses of 25, 40, 60, and 100 mm.
Acoustic Insulation
Our fire-retardant and highly flexible acoustic insulation materials are available in durable designs for unmatched performance. They are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and microbes, ensuring that they provide the best results for years to come. These creative products are easy-to-cut, perforated, laminated, and embossed.
Insulating Slabs and Pipe Sections
Our high-grade insulating slabs and pipe sections have extremely effective thermal insulation properties. They are designed with high mechanical strength to maintain insulation effectively without thermal bridges. These products are designed to withstand different temperature levels ranging from -120 °C to +100 °C.
Bubble Reflective Insulation Sheet
We provide high-grade bubble-reflective insulation sheets that remain unaffected by various mild acids and alkalis. They are also resistant to moisture, fungi, and bacteria, even in low-temperature applications. In addition, they are also suitable for blocking radiative heat.
Ductseal Adhesive
We provide high-quality Ductseal Adhesive, which is an air-drying contact adhesive used for joining sheet insulation to metal ducting. It ensures seamless, strong joints, excellent coverage, and speedy drying. This is an easy-to-apply product provided with excellent adhesion strength and optimal viscosity.
Insulation Services
Our company renders high-end insulation services to meet the different demands of chemicals, food processing, automotive, hospitals, schools, offices, laboratories,  and other sectors. Our experienced team of engineers and designers works hard to provide the best solutions as per the needs. 
Air Duct
We provide heavy-duty air ducts to provide extra protection to the spaces. This is a light-proof, durable, and non-insulated product that dissipates heat throughout its surface. It is resistant to wearing and abrasion, ensuring that it provides the best results.

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