Fibre Glass Wool

We provide high-quality fibre glass wool, which is a light-weight compressible insulation material. It is designed using fine, long inorganic fibres that are bonded together by a high-temperature binder. This contains varied small pockets of air between the glass fibres to ensure the best thermal and acoustic insulation properties. This fibre glass wool is provided in rolls with various thermal and mechanical properties to meet the demands of duct thermal insulation, over-false ceilings, metal roof insulation, multiplex theatre studios, commercial buildings, etc.

Resin Bonded Fiberglass Wool

  • Product Type:Wire Mesh
  • Color:Yellow
  • Material:Other
  • Hole Shape:Rectangle Hole
Price: 115 INR/Square Meter

Bonded Fibre Glass Wool

  • Color:Yellow & Gray
  • Hole Shape:Rectangle Hole
  • Material:Other
Price: 100 INR/Square Meter

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